seedlingsThank you for considering a donation to Share the Seed!
We are a seedling non-profit that needs your help to complete our mission of producing seed for those in need!   

Make no doubt about it, we appreciate every single donation we get!  At the moment, our number one need is cash, which we will use to purchase bulk seed envelopes, labels, and various other supplies needed to clean, measure, package, and store the seeds we produce.  No one in our project gets paid – we are 100% volunteer run!

Part of our mission is to teach new and existing gardeners how to go, or grow, organic.  In this regard, we can always use donations of gardening supplies such as seed starting kits, how-to books, potting soil, organic soil amendments, fertilizers and pesticides or any other item that would encourage or help a budding gardener or seed saver to keep on growing!  Items such as these will be given out as encouraging incentives to members of our group or community in order to help encourage them to learn to grow organic – from seed to seed!

Of course, any and all donations of pure non-patented open-pollinated GMO-free seeds from seed companies or individuals with seed saving experience are always welcome.  Seed donations are often distributed to members to start their seed saving efforts off on the right (genetic) foot, or to members of our communities as a part of our free seed distribution efforts.  As we grow, many of the seeds we obtain will be preserved in seed banks for future generations of seed savers or distributed through seed libraries and donation programs.

All donations are tax-deductible, so if you would like to donate to Share the Seed, please contact us using the form below.  Thank you so much!