About Us

Saving Cherokee Pony PeasWelcome, Seed Lovers!  We’re so glad you stopped by!  We are Share the Seed – a non-profit project dedicated to growing out open-pollinated, heirloom, and GMO-free seed for those in need!  Come on in, the gardening is fine!

Share the Seed is a non-profit project comprised of member gardeners working together to promote food security through education, community service, eco-gardening, seed saving, and free seed distribution.  And while we are not a seed swapping group, per se, we seriously (and regularly) indulge in that activity while encouraging and helping others to organize community seed swaps.

Share the Seed is comprised of members who grow out one or more food crops in their own gardens (we like to call them demonstration gardens!) and save the seeds.  At the end of the growing season, all our growers gather their seed and together, they package and distribute them to deserving individuals and families in our respective communities for free!  The more seeds we grow, the more people we help.  That’s why our motto is “Growing seed for those in need.” 

But we don’t just want to give seeds away for free – we want to teach people how to grow and save seeds for themselves and then to sow it forward!  It’s a lot like the old proverb – only tweaked just a little.

Give a person a seed and you feed them for a season; teach a person to save seed and you feed them for a lifetime.

Here at Share the Seed, our goals are to:

  • Teach new and existing gardeners how to save their own seed.
  • Encourage food-security by providing free garden seed to food-insecure, low-income, disabled, and deserving individuals and families.
  • Promote and advocate for organic methods of gardening and food production.
  • Promote and advocate for the use of open-pollinated, heirloom and area-adapted seeds.
  • Preserve and encourage the use of regional and Native American heirloom seeds.
  • Present workshops, classes, presentations and educational materials related to gardening, organic food production, seed saving, local food production, and community service.
  • Establish one or more seed libraries in the immediate area.
  • Promote or establish local seed swaps throughout the area.
  • Develop and maintain a regional community seed bank.
  • Advocate the sharing of excess produce to those in need.
  • Develop a more interconnected community.

If you’re interested in learning how to save your own seed and helping your community all at the same time, join us here at Share the Seed!
Membership is free and the benefits are priceless!

Learn more about membership here or contact us here.