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Saving Seed Equals Healthier Plants

Howdy Seeders!Young, healthy seedlings are ready to be thinned, repotted, or planted outdoors. Image copyright Jill Henderson

I want to share a bit of seed saving and sowing insight from Master Seedsman, Justin Huhn.  Justin’s blog, The Seedkeepers, is a wealth of information for anyone wanting to learn more about seed!  Be sure to dig deeply through his site and be sure to sign up for his weekly email newsletter, from which the following originated… Continue reading


Why Save Seed? Selection & Genetic Diversity

Saving lettuce seed couldn't get any easier. Image copyright Jill Henderson

I have been saving seed for almost 20 years.  What started out as a simple way to save a buck, quickly became a passion with very deep roots.  After all these years, it is exciting to see so many people interested in saving their own garden seed.  In fact, saving seed has become quite popular. But there are those who still think it’s just a fad – another hashtag in a world of buzzwords. And perhaps seed saving is just another trend in a long line of trends – like bacon everything, backyard chickens, and kale, but for those of us who have worked towards seed sovereignty and food freedom for years, an American seed saving fetish is just what this country needs!

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4th Annual West Plains Share the Seed Seed & Plant Swap

Seed Swap AnnouncmentYou are invited to the 4th Annual Share the Seed Seed & Plant Swap hosted by Share the Seed , West Plains.

The event will take place on Sunday, February 22, 2015, from 1-4 PM in the Trillium Trust Community Room located in the East Towne Village Marketplace, next to Heroes Coffee, 1376 Bill Virdon Blvd, West Plains, Missouri.

Invite your friends and bring your seeds, starts, plants, and any kind of non-toxic garden related items (pots, compost, yard art, whatever!) that you would like to share and enjoy a FREE, fun-filled day with fellow gardeners and seed enthusiasts! After you swap seeds, we invite you to stick around and visit the demonstration booths, sit in on a special presentation, and savor delectable treats!

To learn more about the swap and how you can participate, please visit our Facebook event page “Share the Seed 4th Annual Seed & Plant Swap“, or scroll to the bottom of this page to find the answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQ).

Please consider becoming a volunteer at the seed swap. We need hands setting up (starting at noon the day of) or tearing down (starting at 4:30 PM) the day of the event.  See you there!