Share the Seed Mid-Summer Gathering

2014 8-1 STS Potluck (2)Mid-summer isn’t always the coolest time of year, but many of the members of the Share the Seed project attended the mid-summer meeting and potluck to discuss the upcoming Seed Packaging Party!  As luck would have it, a relatively cool evening allowed us to enjoy the outdoors under the shade of the oak trees as we dined on delicious home-made dishes heavy on the fresh fruits and vegetables from everyone’s gardens!

Here are a few highlights from the meeting.

  • We will be packaging seeds in January in West Plains (date and location to be determined later). I hope everyone will plan to attend.
  • On packing day, we need everyone to bring a set of measuring spoons for measuring seeds into seed packets. If you have a better method, please let us know.
  • Bulk seeds will be stored in glass jars. Sunni Fine offered her cool, dry, dark basement for our first seed-storage location.
  • We talked some about who we will give our seeds to and the best way to do that. We determined that it would be best to have a central pickup location or have one day where people can come and get them – like a free seed event.
  • Since we don’t know how many seed packets we’ll end up with, the consensus was to identify several groups/organizations with members who can use free seed, such as community gardens, school gardens, women’s or homeless shelters, and other groups that already service food-insecure individuals and families. Some suggestions were MUNCH in Willow Springs, Ozark Action, in West Plains and the Boys & Girls club.  If you have a group you’d like to nominate to receive seeds, or if you have any suggestions as to how to organize or select recipients please let us know!
  • Meeting attendees felt like we should focus on making2014 8-1 STS Potluck (1) up “starter” seed kits consisting of several kinds of seeds. For example:  A family pack might contain 10 packets of seed: such as one lettuce, one radish, spinach, squash, melon, cucumber, basil, dill, tomato and pepper.  That’s enough to get a new gardener growing a lot of good food.  What do you think?
  • If we give 50 people 10 packs of seed that will add up to 500 packs of seed. If you change the numbers to 100 people and 10 packs of seed that equals 1,000 packs of seed.  Of course, all these numbers are changeable and it will likely depend on how many actual packets of seed we produce.  What are your thoughts on this?

I’ll be posting more information on the packaging party, so stay tuned!


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