2014 Seed Swap

2014 3-15 Seed Swap (4)A few shots from the  2014 Seed Swap in West Plains, MO!  We had a great turn out with lots of seeds, a plethora of lovely plant starts, and a bushel of sweet potatoes for starting slips!

What is a seed swap and why they’re important…

The importance of community seed swaps2014 3-15 Seed Swap (2)

  •  Builds community by bringing a diverse group of people together under one banner.
  • Opens the door for education on issues of sustainability, GMOs, local food production, organic gardening, community supported agriculture, etc
  • Encourages gardeners to learn how to save their own seed
  • Promotes organic gardening and local food production
  • Develops an awareness of community-based agriculture
  • Encourages the formation of farmer’s markets, community gardens, and school gardens.
  • Provides free seeds and plants to low-income individuals

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